Feed: 2c Organic Unbromated Flour + 2c Water
Smell: Smells like a light foreign owned domestic lager
Look: Very active and bubbly, even when its cooler

I gave away my first starter today to my old apartment mate Bryan.  He said that he wanted to start baking his own breads and even made his own pizza yesterday.  Awesome!

When coming by to pick up the last of his stuff, he asked for a jar of my starter.  Since I maintain 2 at a time (in case one gets moldy), I just handed one off to him.  This latest batch is very very active:

Keep in mind that this was a rainy week in Portland in the 60’s.  It was left for a 14 hour first rise, and what you see here is the end result of 4 hours for the 2nd rise.

So today’s feed is a massive 2 cups of unbromated organic flour.  This, along with the 1 cup of starter I’ve got left gives me 3 cups of starter that I can spit up amongst 3 jars this time.