Not too bad.

Our food and cooking plan worked out!  We ended up spending much less on groceries than we had thought, but we were eating much more than before.

We gave ourselves $1000 to furnish our otherwise empty apartment (includes all housewares, cleaning supplies, etc), but we just barely broke $200… and we only have a few more items to locate.  Our Want/Need list worked beautifully in keeping us from impulse buying something.

That and Asa finding this tile top expanding kitchen table from goodwill for $15 bucks.  While waiting for the goodwill guys to bring it to the loading area, we met a nice gentleman who was picking up some shelves for the peach jam he was preparing to make with peaches from a local farm.

He was even nice enough to give us a lift back so that we wouldn’t have to figure out how to fit a large tile topped expanding kitchen table inside Bryan’s car.

May wasn’t a full month for us, so look for a post after June about how we did our first month living together.   See you then.  :o)