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Back in Portland

Asa and I went down to the East Bay last weekend for Hannah’s graduation from Cal State East Bay.  She’s now a proud new recipient of a BA in English.  Congratulations!

[![Overlooking the Crowd](http://res.cloudinary.com/dr8ejumps/image/upload/v1436546402/IMG_1271_mejhqq.jpg)](http://res.cloudinary.com/dr8ejumps/image/upload/v1436546402/IMG_1271_mejhqq.jpg)Asa got a nice big tan line from that dress.
We’ve been quite busy and we’ve got a lot of catch up posting to do.

So in the coming week look forward to posts on our road trip together, updates on our sailing planning and research, a chance meeting with a free soul, the results of our budgeting for May, and how our first 3 weeks living together have worked out.

Back in Portland
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