Feed: 1c Organic Unbromated Flour + 1c Water + Hooch from Jar A
Smell: Smells like hooch & raw flour
Look: Looks like runny dough, hooch is darker in color

Now that I’ve got 5 Jars (A through E), I can rotate them monthly with a spare 5th for those months that have a fifth month; January, March, August, October and December.

I guess that means Jar E will be the gift jar for all other months.

One of the things I’m also doing for each feed is cleaning out their jars, this is something that will help keep the culture going when we start sailing.

My jars all hold just a little over 1 cup (halfway up each jar).  So for each feed, I take everything out, mix it in a mixing bowl with fresh flour, and then let it site for 5 hours.

From there, 1c will go towards a new loaf for the week, and the rest goes back in the jar.  Starting at around 2PM, that means we’ll start the new loaf at 7P + 15 hours rise + 5 hours rest + 45m Bake = ~ 4PM the next day for a fresh loaf.