As Asa and I continue to prepare for life as nomadic road warriors and salt sea dogs, the topic of phone numbers came up.  It’s interesting that in the space of just 20 years, we’ve gone from Landlines to mobile phones holding our entire lives.

Our mobile phones now contain a complete listing of all our contacts, call history, voicemails, photos, and social accounts.  So in essence, it is very important for us to be reachable by our current mobile numbers as mobiles have become such an integral part of our lives that not having a robust and reliable mobile phone solution is out of the question.

We want our friends and family to be able to contact us with the same number they’ve had for over a decade.

So, going through and researching options, I came across Google Voice.

This will require a lot of research, but according to Google Voice’s video instructions, it is possible to port your mobile number over to google voice – and then have it be your single access point for all incoming and outgoing calls, and txt messages:

There are a lot of unknowns still, my first question being whether it’s absolutely required to have cell service… or just data.  I’m thinking only data, which comes to be about $20 a month.

Or if I can be extra diligent, I can drop data requirement altogether and make my iphone a wifi voip phone. mmm… free unlimited phone calls and texts? So tempting.