Asa and I usually do our food shopping on the weekends and this past sunday was no different. We planned on a pretty big shop since we didn’t go last week. Most of our basics were gone and our pantry was starting to get a bit bare.

On our list included vegetables, milk, butter, fruits, coffee, etc..

So we got all our things together, grabbed our running list of groceries, checked it against our fridge and pantries to make sure we’re not missing anything, grabbed our shopping bags, bike locks… then out to the basement to get our bikes and trailer.

We walk down to the basement, and… our trailer is missing.  This is a locked basement where only residents have the key for access.

The entire basement looks immaculately clean.  There’s cleaning gear sprinkled around the basement.  Everything else in the basement we’re used to seeing… unlocked bikes, bikes with flats, bikes that don’t look like they’re rideable, clothes on the clotheslines, and an electric scooter out front that’s been there for the last week.

But our bike trailer is missing.  Are you serious? …