One of the big unknowns of being out on the road is how much will it cost you to be comfortable?  Money and Budget become very very important as running out of money can end your journey.

So, start a budget.  Asa and I did even before we moved in together.  Neither of us have kept a budget either, but as we both want to live lives of adventure, its a must.

We try to keep it simple too.  We have a single spreadsheet using a budget template that comes with Apple’s Numbers problem.  Excel should have many like them.  And we just started tracking our expenses.  We haven’t been as diligent in posting the results, but we’ve been keeping all our receipts and doing a budget around the start of every month.

Starting a budget will let you know exactly what your biggest expenses are and from there, you’ll be able to make decisions on what expenses stay and what expenses go.