What do we want and what do we need?  Sometimes, something that we desperately feel we need turns out to be a fun toy and we end up with another trinket to stash in the garage.

So what is it that we really want and need?  Getting a grip on this is something that Asa and I felt would be essential to living a life as comfortable nomads.

What we’ve done is we started a Need/Want list.  It’s simply a sheet of lined paper folder in half length-wise.  We titled the left “Need” and the right side “Want.”

Whenever we want to buy something that’s outside of our normal budget, like an appliance, we’ll put it on the want or need list.

Stuff that’s on the Need list means we’re both free to buy it as soon as we spot a good deal on one.

Stuff that’s on the Want list means that we’ll keep an eye out, but we’ll both have to agree to get it if we spot a good deal.

The end result is that we’re finding that we have a lot more on the want list than the need list.  And it turns out that crossing an item off either list turns out to be a pretty guilt free and productive way to make a decision about what to get or need some retail therapy.