Asa and I needed a way to make sure that we keep focused on groceries so that we can reduce waste.  We want to be able to go grocery shopping once a week, with the option of skipping a week if we get busy.

So that means that we need to know what groceries to buy and how often.  Up until we had our Bike Trailer stolen, the last requirement was that everything we get must all fit into our bike trailer.  That’s now turned into whatever we can carry on our backs and bikes.

We’ve found that the best way to do this was keeping a Grocery List similar to a Need-Want list – except we’ve split the sheet up into 6 columns and they’re all Wants.

After a couple months, the labels we currently use are:

  1. Produce
  2. Proteins, Meats, Eggs, Cheese, Dairy
  3. Canned, Bulk, Frozen
  4. Personal, Household
  5. Fubon (Soon to be Other Grocery Stores)
  6. Other

The idea is you add items to the list when we run out or run low on them in the kitchen.  So let’s say I cut open our last onion.  I’ll quickly add onions to the list.

When we go grocery shopping, we take this list with us.  And since the columns are already organized similar to how grocery stores are organized, we’ll know where to go and what to get.

A single sheet will usually last about a month or two depending on what we’re eating or buying.

And what we’ve found so far is that we buy a lot of produce.  Then proteins, meats, eggs, cheese, and dairy.  Then canned/bulk.  Starting to look a lot like how we’ve ordered our columns.  Didn’t plan it, it just kind of worked out that way.

Now, between this and our monthly budgets, we know that we’re perfectly happy and comfortable spending about $75 dollars a week on groceries.