The other night, my work machine rebooted itself out of nowhere.  Virus?  No… more like i’ve dropped this thing a couple of times and there are a couple of screws loose… and one of the memory slots stopped working.

I’ve been basically limping along hoping to make and save enough to buy a replacement machine before this one dies.  It’s a Mid-2010 Macbook Pro.  It’s served me beautifully and had I not dropped it a couple of times (complete accidents, btw), this machine would still probably be flawless.

In any case… searching for a replacement macbook, I’ve started looking at ebay.  There’s no shortage of laptops on offer… but one I noticed was in decent condition, the buyer had a history of good ratings, and the price was right…

So I put in a maximum bid around 20 minutes to go for $606.01, as this is what the laptop’s real value is.


As soon as I do that, we get a series of puzzling and pointless bids from new accounts that take the laptop’s price to well over a brand spanking new 2014 Macbook Pro.  Shill bids?  Most definitely.  Greed = you just bought your own laptop and now have to pay eBay’s fees on a $2k item.  Sorry buddy, a lot of people weren’t born yesterday… have fun trying to explain why you don’t owe ebay $230.