I’m always fascinated when I come across little bits of every day life that’s a result of decisions made by people thousands of years before I was born.

In this case, came across a neat article on mentalfloss.com that gives a quick rundown of where our months, and the days in each, come from.

In essence, at some point, the months of January and February were at the end of the year with February being the b*tch month – making up for or letting go of days to get the seasons to line up.

The number of days per month was decided based on a Roman superstition about even numbers being bad luck.

And then the amazing practicality that Romans exhibited… if you’re going to have a bad luck month, mind as well make it the shortest month – February.

It’s a great short read, definitely helps give me a little more perspective about what February is, and how really crappy the winter months has always made people feel, even back in 500BCE.