A couple of weeks ago on Wednesday, I walked into the Chase branch inside the Fred Meyer by us with our Boat Fund Jar.

For the last year or so, since we decided to go on this sailing adventure of our’s at Seaside, we started our Boat Fund Jar.  Every time I finished a project, 10% went straight into the jar as cash, every time Asa was tipped out, she put some of that into the jar too.  The money from sale of my motorcycle went straight into the jar.  Money from selling all our stuff goes straight into the jar too.

To Dip or Not to Dip

It didn’t  take long for us to come up with all sorts of great reasons to dip into the jar.  From not having cash for the pizza guy’s tip to making change.

So we decided to be honest with ourselves and not even play the prohibition game.  Instead, we decided to allow ourselves to gives ourselves a loan if needed.  The rule was that if we took money out, we put back an extra 20%.

We just wrote the amount on a piece of tape on the side and the system worked out pretty well.  In fact, it worked a little too well… not only were we putting money in from our tips, but we were slowly growing the amount as well every time we took out from the jar… $20 out, $22 in.

After a little over a year of this, we ended up with quite the start to our boat fund!

Hi, So I Have This Jar…

So I admit I did rehearse a few different lines to introduce myself as I pull out a mason jar full of cash.  Don’t quite remember what I said, but what happened next is when my teller, Linda, pointed out that the jar doesn’t fit through the hole at the counter.

Long story short, Linda did her thing and next thing you know, she hands me an empty jar and a deposit receipt.  Thank you so much!