We finally got everything into the RV at 12:30AM.  And despite having a 30 foot beast with tons of storage; and having worked since 6AM on 8 oz of coffee to get the apartment cleaned and ready, the inside ended up looking for like a cave we had to spelunk through than a neat and tidy vessel.

What caused this?  Packaging.  More specifically, food packaging.  It just takes up a lot of dead space.  Square boxes, plastic bags, spice boxes, flour boxes… it all takes up valuable space.

So this morning, while waiting for someone to come by to pick up my mattress, Asa and I started removing everything from their boxes and put them all into freezer ziplock bags instead.  And just like that, in about 30 minutes, two (2) 18 gallon tote boxes were reduced down to half a box.  And ended up with an extra empty box!

Extra bonus: these ziplock bags are many times over reusable, easy to label, and they don’t break or slide around like mason jars do.  We took everything out of their respective mason jars too.

Why can’t we all do away with the glut of packaging that only fills up out landfills with ignored marketing?