A few days ago, we were invited for drinks and dinner with one of my former bosses.  Great times aside, they also were generous enough to let us fill up our 45 gallon fresh water tank as we had emptied it at a dump station not too far away.  It cost us $15 to dump our gray and black, and we emptied our fresh water too – since this rental came with the tank full and we weren’t sure where that water came from.

Unfortunately, the dump station did not let us fill our tank without paying yet another fee – so being able to fill up our tank in California where a mega drought is projected for the coming years was great!

We went back to the NIMBY where we’ve been invited to stay for the duration of our time here in the Bay Area, passed out, woke up, then went off to do our own things the next day.

We didn’t get back until around 10P, and found that we had accidentally left the pump on, and the fresh water flush toilet had been ever-so-slightly stuck in “on”… and so our black water tank overflowed with fresh water and left a nice puddle under our RV.

Lesson learned:  only turn the Water Pump on when it’s needed.  Same thing goes for the water heater.