All I’ve gotta say is that Portland is the most comfortable and easy to live in city I’ve ever had the pleasure of living in.

People are extremely nice.

People are courteous.

Drivers are conscientious and courteous.

The traffic sucks, but at least it’s at or below the speed limit.

Everyone seems to care about the place they live in.

Good Food and Music are always around the corner.

The weather is awesome.  The winters are mild.

It’s hard not to make friends.

You don’t need a car.

Everything’s within Biking distance.

Everything’s within Walking Distance.

Mass transit charges per ride.

People still will steal anything on your bike that’s quick release.

No Sales Tax!

Property Tax rates stink, but hey I don’t have a home.

Rents are on the rise.

You can wear anything you want and won’t be judged.

Tats and Piercings aren’t career killers, they’re conversation starters.

Just go there and live for yourself!