4G Data, Tethering, and “Unlimited Data” have been a life saver for us!  Whereas before we used physical maps, this time around, we’ve found ourselves much more dependent on Satellite Imagery to help us find spots to camp, and to make sure that the RV can negotiate streets, turnoffs, and other places of interest.

What I’ve found, though, is that the way T-Mobile delivers their not-so-unlimited data can be at times annoying.

First off, you’re only really given 1GB of 4G data.  After you hit exactly 1024MB, T-Mobile throttles it down to the point of being completely unusable.

So, with that being said, I’ve found that I’ve had to specifically turn off wireless data in order to prevent my phone from hitting that limit (which it will in about a week all by itself for who knows what).

But, when you turn off data, you are given unending “T-Mobile My Account Alerts” that you can’t get rid of, and sits in the most prominent spots on your phone – the top bar and also in the top spot in the top quick slide.

It’ll constantly remind you that “Mobile data setting is currently off.  Click for more info.”

To add insult to injury, once you get close to that 1GB limit, the data usage bit goes from how much data you’ve used to an annoying flashing green button urging you to “Upgrade” all the time.

So really, if T-Mobile really wanted to be completely honest, they’d really call their Unlimited Data the “Carrot on a Stick Unlimited Data”

So I’ll continue to ignore the constant reminders that mobile data is off, and the constant nagging to upgrade to the next tier… as even their $50 a month for unlimited everything is pretty damn pricey.