Haven’t written anything in a little bit, so I figured I’d give ya’lls an update on our quest for our boat thus far.

I’m working on a longer review of our experiences w/ driving an RV around the country as a late 20’s, mid 30’s couple (long story short – do it!  do it while it’s still doable)… so look out for that.

Right now, I’m at NIMBY in Oakland… finishing up their website.  Met back up and reconnected with a lot of the NIMBY folk whom we met about a month ago.

Asa is in Gainesville, family’ing it up with our southern side.  Which, by the way, I must say that it’s my first time really experiencing the south from an extended first person perspective.  It’s so very different that I’m just not quite used to it yet.

Just like here at NIMBY… my upbringing has in no way prepared me for so much generosity, patience, and such a genuine desire to help us along our journey.

I find myself being overly polite, maybe bordering on the annoying a bit with my constant worry about being a bother…  it’s different is all I can say.

So look out for NIMBY’s revamped website…. Clody Cates is the designer and has been working long nights generating all the comps for me to code up.

Here’s a preview:

New-front-page_960_A1_test Max-Full-makers-page_960_A2

Once that’s done, I’ll be flying back to Gainesville to reunite with ma belle et mon petit chat.

Asa’s been keeping an eye out for apartments in St Petersburg, using her dad’s personal knowledge to pre-qualify the areas these places are in.

We’ve both been keeping our eyes on online boat listings, as we plan on living aboard once we’ve got enough experience and looked at boats for a lengthy period of time.

At the same time, we’re also starting to learn French together via Duolingo and using each other as conversation partners.  I heard from JF at Cruise America that there’s at least 3 French newspapers there to serve the likewise large French community.

I cannot wait to continue this journey that Asa and I started on 2 years ago in that Seaside weekend getaway.