Even though we may be years away from shipping off, it doesn't hurt to start looking at all of our favorite modern conveniences... and then choosing to make it a little less convenient.

One of those things is deodorant. One of us is lucky enough that it's optional. For the other, it's needed. And Asa's readings have revealed that there will be instances where deodorant is either unavailable or won't last due to climate.

So the solution? Learn how deodorant works, what can be used as a substitute or alternative, and then proceed to use ourselves as guinea pigs to test out our home made cosmetics.

Of course we're not going to go in totally blind, we came across this neat article as a starting point:


Reading through the article, we realized that we already have everything listed, though for different reasons:

  1. Coconut oil - we've been using this for cooking and as a daily face cream.

  2. Baking Soda and Corn Starch - both essential for cooking, great for deodorizing fridges, and a good light desiccant.

  3. Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil - already got it, great astringents!

  4. Lemon Juice - we always have a lemon or two handy

  5. Rubbing Alcohol - great for cleaning and first aid

I'll report back later to see how much stinkier we've become.