** Update: 11PM, talked with neighbors @ the corner store (that's another thing I love about st pete's, btw... everyone's a neighbor, even the corner shop folks!), and lightning indeed struck a transformer here. They've been without power since 9. Hopefully Duke Energy gets it repaired soon... 90º and 100% humidity without AC is inhumane! **

Well, almost every day... I think we had a couple dry days. But just about every day since we moved here to St Pete's, including July 4th, we've been treated to a lightning show.

The white noise that comes from torrential downpours has made for the best sleep.

Tonight's no different. Add to that a transformer exploded in our neighborhood... started with a distinctive flickering of all the lights, then a really loud "buzz buzz buzzzzz" and huge flickering of lights.

Then, I hear the neighbors yell "whoahhhhhh".

A quick trip outside to assess the damage reveals half the neighborhood's blacked out and a gorgeous lightning show.