It's been almost a month since my last post, so what's been going on with us?

Quite a lot! We're starting to settle into what can be considered our land cruising routine as we continue to explore Saint Petersburg, save money, search for our boat, and eventually sail off on our circumnavigation.

Catching Up With an Old Friend

One of my good very good friends from my college days, fellow engineering buddy (that's him up top),

and car tinkerer extraordinaire called me a couple nights ago while driving his new jeep down from Washington.

Just like when he drove out to (I think Texas?) to snag an RX7 to house his LS1...

he's proven to once again to have a complete disregard for long distances when it comes to finding the right vehicle.

Employment Finds Phong

One of the things we talked about is how sometimes the things that you need, instead of the things that you want, find you at just the right time. He calls it God, I call it the Universe.

In this case, it's a new job. If you've noticed the lower frequency of posts lately, that's because I got a call from a temp agency looking for to fill a mechanical engineering position.

Well that didn't quite work out, but they noticed that I had a good amount of programming experience under my belt as well. So, total shot in the dark, they submitted my resume to a company called Health Plan Services... and a couple of interviews later, I got the job!

I was doing ok freelancing, but this position has really helped us save at a much faster rate than we had anticipated.

They're one of the largest (if not the largest) health care exchange providers, making the Affordable Health Care Act happen.

No complaints here... the people at HPS are extremely nice, professional, and it's been an interesting and fun experience working for a large company after almost 5 years on my own!

Asa Does Yoga

And I also want to put it out there that I'm so proud of Asa. She's taking the first steps towards restarting her Yoga practice, with dreams of developing her own unique style and eventually getting her Yoga certification, becoming an instructor, and sharing her own unique interpretation.

I won't steal too much more of her thunder, so you'all can follew her instagram @quirkyquarks for how she's doing with that.

Started Sailing School

I guess here's another instance of unexpected opportunities coming about at the right time and working out really well... while browsing through Meetups to find things to do in the bay area, we came across the Boca Ciega Yacht Club's Adult Sailing School.

It was such a great deal we couldn't believe it, and signed ourselves up on their website. It took minutes, and before we knew it, we had taken another step closer to realizing our circumnavigation dreams.

We had our first class last week on Wednesday and our first time out on the water last Sunday.

For that, though, I'll leave to our next post... because it's been absolutely amazing so far... and our table captain's more than we had ever hoped for in our first sailing instructor!

Exploring The Bay Area

We're also exploring more of the surrounding areas and finding them quite nice. We're literally surrounded by mile after mile of pristine, warm, calm, uncrowded, and beautiful beaches all along the many keys, cays, and marinas.

A couple of weekends ago, we decided to go check out Madeira Beach. It's not too far away from us. It's just a quick drive straight west, over a drawbridge, straight on until you hit sugary sands and warm waters.

As this is just a quick update, I'll leave the details of that exploration to another up coming post as well.

The Furniture Is Almost Done

Oh ya, and one last thing... haven't given up on making our own furniture either... we're almost done w/ the sawing and screwing, next up is the staining and cushion making... the details of that will also be in a future post.

So until then... we're gonna keep on chugging... one step at a time.