Busy busy busy...

We've been so busy lately that the last couple of month's updates have taken a backseat. So, an update is in order!

So what have we been up to?

Boca Ciega Yacht Club

One night, Asa and I were sitting around at home looking for something to do. We had both found jobs, have been saving every penny that didn't need to be spent on the boat fund, living expenses, or just to keep us going (sanity!).

I had a lot of luck with meetup in Portland, and so after browsing through yelp, trip advisor, and groupon, I did a quick search for sailing on meetup. Hey, maybe there's a good sailing meetup group for us to keep networking and learning.

At this point, we haven't done any sailing... so it was to our delight that the Boca Ciega Yacht Club had a meetup for their Adult Sailing School series.

It's something that they hold every few months. It was a great deal - $250 for a 5 week crash course in sailing... taking you from dock to sail. From my experience with the Richmond Yacht Club in the bay area, I knew that this was an unbelievable deal.

Unfortunately, the classes were full. :*(

The next one wasn't going to be held until 2016... so we kinda figured that we mind as well sign ourselves up.

As luck would have it, the full class was canceled and rescheduled... we reserved immediately. And a week later, we found ourselves in class:

we walked into the wrong yacht club... was wondering where everyone else was.. awkward...

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Of course, we walked into the wrong yacht club... but didn't realize this until we looked around and found that there was surprisingly little activity for a full adult sailing class.

The sailors at the Gulfport Yacht Club were kind enough to inform us that, "Oh, you want the guys next door... we sail cats here."

A quick thank you and we drove over to the next yacht club and walked in... to be greeted by the most remarkable Cassie Richards... a relatively recent sailor herself who happened to work at Disney... and a lot of other parallels between her and us that I won't go into detail just yet.

we were pointed in the right direction

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What ensued was the start of what I would like to say is the perfect yacht club for us. The people are soooo nice, welcoming, and inviting... the exact opposite of what one would expect when you hear "Yacht Club". I call it the Boat Club... that's a much more fitting description. Just a bunch of people who love sailing and want to spread it to anyone who's willing to learn. :)

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And before we knew it... we were sailing...

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#sailing #school week 4... coming up to the safety boat for docking practice

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... and we've begun to slllowly join them on their monthly sails...

So far, I've:

  1. Almost ran aground
  2. Sailed into Mangroves
  3. Almost hit the safety boat doing docking maneuvers (I was in full control, honest!)

In this case, I jumped on Bill's boat (I'm not knowledgable enough yet to remember what his boat is, but I'm sure some eagle eyed person can identify it)...

gotta mind the #tides

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We missed their famous 30th annual Christmas Light Parade, but we're excited about getting more involved with the club (yes, we joined)...

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And we've helped man a booth at the Saint Petersburg Boat Show..

roomy boats

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Finished the Furniture

I just finished the chairs this past weekend too... learned a lot just making these things. Mind you that before this, I've never really worked with wood before.

But, interestingly enough, my time at the NIMBY this year getting to know makers like Gaige and Clody inspired me to do it..

#spokenword #poetry to some #freejazz #sledgehammer on #piano

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I helped a bit with putting up their deck... so making some chairs, I figured, shouldn't be too much more a big deal... lesson: miter boxes, a square, a pencil, and a sponge are your best friends:

We're still saving... and the people we've met thus far is too long to list or ramble off to properly do them justice.

... and thanks to the magic of instagram, we've even managed to make some virtual sailing friends too... like the awesome couple at follow the boat and their cat millie. I really hope we can meet up with them one day!

Each in their own way, they've helped us take steps closer to our dream of sailing around the world... we really can't thank everyone enough :)