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February Sailing and Boat Search

The boat search continues....

First off, a shout out to @sailbcyc... we were officially voted in as members of the club and already, members are helping in ways that we never anticipated...

From inviting us to cruises (there's a Bahamas cruise being planned for March for all who want to join, but we can't take a couple weeks off...), to Bill telling me that it's one of his goals to help us get out into the blue stuff, him continuing to teach me to sail, and attending talks from members who just got back from their circumnavigation... this membership has been invaluable.

Bill (in the pic above with his wife), has taken me around looking at boats that may go on sail soon, his tips on how used Yacht salesmen work, what to look for...

I just have a feeling that this year or next, we may find out boat. So much excite!

February Sailing and Boat Search
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