I'm going to try something different to help make posting more consistent. I'm going to make a lot of smaller posts more frequently instead of long drawn out posts.

For Asa's birthday, we decided to go check out Sarasota.

One of my best friends, Chris Burke, grew up in Bradenton, not too far away from St Petersburg. And it so happens that his mom moved back to Bradenton. So, we decided to give her a call and see what she's been up to and ask if she'd like to join us as we check the area out.

She instead proposed something much better: come stay the night at her house, and then the next day, we should borrow her Kayaks, her car, and go paddling around Robinson Preserve. How could we say not to that! Thank you Denise!

So, we walked around Sarasota a bit first, then met back up with her later on.

The preserve is located not too far away from the sunshine bridge in Bradenton, and the area was so beautiful that we ended up kayaking around for almost 3 hours before we realized how tired we were and how sore we would be the next day...

It's a nice mangrove lined river system with a lot of beautiful bridges to paddle under, and a great lookout tower too!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves... definitely go check it out!