I was invited onto Bill's boat to join him as a hand on Idler for some BCYC boat racing.

It was me, Bill, another member Dave who will be watching over Idler in May, and two more members who jumped on the day off - Marge and Kelly (?). I forget names so easily... glad Asa will be with me to help with that.

In any case, Bill chimed in with his usual nuggets of wisdom, describing yacht races as a Palmal and a Melee.

Well in the case for today, there wasn't that much wind. Forecasted at 3-4 mph coming from the southeast, everyone was hoping for a little bit more.

But in this case, the predictions were right and it was more of a test for who could drift around the course faster.

No worries though. I did learn a lot - such as how to put up the whisker pole and how to fold up and Dave showed me how to neatly jib on the dock. Bill didn't think we've be able to do it, but Dave got right to it like he's been doing it for years.

Signs point to keep going...

In any case, the most notable thing about the light winds today is that we had a chance to sit for lunch and chat while racing.

Bill suggested that we could live aboard for cheaper than living on land as a way to save up. And to my delight, that's exactly what Asa and I had been thinking would be our best bet - to live aboard, get to know our vessel, fix her up, save, and then sail for the ends of the earth when we both feel like we're ready.

I think it's a great sign that Asa and I may be on the right track when what a seasoned sailor suggests lines up with what we thought would be a good plan.

So yes! I feel like slowly, we're starting to learn what we need to know to sail around this little blue dot.