It was long suggested by some BCYC members that we look at as many boats as possible.

Finally feeling ready to take that advice and feeling like we needed to do something on a rather uneventful night one night, we decided to start calling up some places around us to get a better idea of what boats are around us.

Living in the age of the interwebs, I started by plugging in our address and doing a a search for the Saint Petersburg area for marinas. There were quite a few. I called them all up and left messages asking if it'd be possible to come by to visit, introduce ourselves, and let them know what we'd be looking.

Naturally, it's been about a week and got no calls back. A little disheartening. Fortunately, the BCYC members came through for us once again!

Bill had suggested earlier this year with suggestions for a few places for us to start our search - one of them being the guys at West Coast Yacht Sales. He said that he knew the guys there and that they were starting up their operations and they may be able to help.

I browsed their website, found a few nice looking listings and decided to call and leave a message.

The next day, David Foster returned my call. And both Asa and I just have to say that he's been absolutely phenomenal. David wasted no time and immediately suggested that we view a 1969 35' Allied Sea Breaze named Ephriam W. We penciled in the next sunday to view her... but due to some prior commitments, we had to postpone to the following Monday. David was on the ball and wasted no time in calling us to let us know of the conflict - I like the guy already and we haven't even met.

It was kind of exciting for Asa and I to start looking at boats. As fortune would have it, the boat was at the Gulfport Municipal Marina - adjacent to BCYC. I left during my lunch break, picked up Asa and headed for for the quick 15 minute drive out to the marina.

We were to meet at noon and we were running late, and just as Asa was dialing his number to let him know, we got a call from David at a minute to noon to check on our status and we let him know that we were on our way.

10 past noon, we arrived and greeted David. He lead us to the Ephriam. He let us crawl up and down her, inspecting every part that we had read to inspect and answered all our questions expertly while we traded stories and he was extremely patient in getting to know us.

@quixoticquest and David from West Coast Yacht Sales chatting in the cockpit.Yesterday, David was nice to show us this beautiful 1969 35' Allied Seabreeze. She's a gorgeous, classy old lady, but not the boat for us- not enough clearance for Phong(especially in the head) weird galley layout, and a number of other things. On the plus side, David now knows what we're looking for and emailed us today about a 36' Pearson 365. And it's a ketch! This weekend, we'll be traveling to Melbourne, Fl to take a look in person. We've heard nothing but positive things about Pearsons from our friends at @sailbcyc and based off of the description and pictures from the ad, she's been well maintained with lots of upgrades. Stay tuned! #sailing #sailingflorida #dreamboat

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Unfortunately, though Ephriam was a well loved boat that we can tell the owner, Bob, took great pride in, it wasn't the boat for us. One of our deal breakers - that I be able to stand up in the cabin (I'm 6' tall) - was something we just couldn't overlook.

As we had spent an hour crawling around, opening every hatch, and pulling every shroud... I had to scoot on back to the office. We shook hands, David said he'll keep an eye out now that he's a better idea of what we're looking for and our budget, and we parted ways.

We're really looking forward to working with David as in the next post will show... David is really deserving every penny of his commission.