Where to begin? Well first off all, we found our boat and are now waiting for the survey report before making any final adjustments and finishing up the paper work.

So how did we get here? That's a long story. So let's wind the block back a bit last year around August to fill in the gaps. I'll spread these posts out over the next few weeks.

Needless to day, work had taken priority over all other things. Fun stuff like writing about our experience was sidelined for things like sleep... and sleep...

Need more coffee...

Long days at the office started with the sound of the kettle every morning around 6AM as Asa never missed a beat making us coffee every morning.

The fall and winter months were the hardest as we started our commute to Tampa before the sun came up and then began our commute home to St Petersburg after the sun had set.

Some nights, we would get home after 9PM. At the beginning, we were pretty good at making large batches of food for quick dinners when we came home. This turned into more convenience foods, pizzas, ordering out... just so that we'd have something to eat before passing out.

3 to 6 hours later, the kettle whistling woke me up again.

Work, to say the least, had sapped away all of my free time. Gone were any thoughts of sailing. All there was was work.

We stopped blogging, we stopped going to BCYC... but we kept up our membership, and we kept saving.

The Seasons Turn

August quickly turned into September. September to October.

I have to hand it to the great folks at the Boca Ciega Yacht Club. They didn't forget us. And they didn't let us quit.

Bill Morse kept checking in periodically. He would invite me to crew for their monthly yacht races. And I was able to make it out a couple of times.

And this is probably what they mean by you never know what fortune is lurking around the corner.

For one of those races in August, I made a connection with James Mason - another member at BCYC who always won the races. He had bought a new boat and heard that we were looking for a boat to fix up.

A few other members also chimed in, suggesting that we look at his boat as a potential as well.

He suggested that I look at his boat and I jumped at the opportunity.

At the time, we still thought that we were going to do the romantic thing of fixing up a boat and calling it home.


It was his boat, Calypso, that would win all the time. Since he didn't need 2 boats, he was fixing Calypso up so that he could put it up for sale.

While he was showing me around, he was quick to point out that it would indeed need a lot of work to get it up to live-aboard standards.

I helped him replace a timing belt, and listened intently to him talking about the history of his boat, and him talking about what would make a good boat for us.

After a few hours, it was clear that while Calypso wasn't for us, I could at least help him do some boat work in exchange for the experience and knowledge.

So, we settled on a time sometime in the next couple of weeks when I could go out with him to Dolphin Landing where he keeps Calypso moored up.

We exchanged emails and after a few "Is this the right email?" exchanges, we agreed on a time to meet at BCYC so that I could help him work on Calypso.

To be continued...