A Quick Jaunt to Chennai

Just noticed that I haven't posted since Feb! That's 3 months that I need to update our one or two readers on our going ons.

So look forward to a post about our awesome trip to India; and the now growing list of Boat Projects (or something like that) which I'll create a new menu for now that we've found and bought our boat.

Boat Projects

This area will include posts about the first set of chores, projects, and to-do's we now have the pleasure and great fortune to add to our to-do's.

We already love lists, so now we're adding a few more:

  • Boat Want/Need List
    • Just like our home want/need lists, the boat Want/Need list will essentially be a guilt free way for us to independently research and buy things for the boat. Simple rules:
      • If it's on the Need list, buy it if you find a good deal
      • Everything else goes on the Want list, and we should both generally agree that it's worth the money/time to acquire when the opportunity arises.
  • Project Lists
    • Fix Up Hard Bottom Dinghy that Bill gave(!!) us
    • Patch the Achilles SPD 290
    • Re-Make the Bimini in a color more befitting of a vessel named Petrichor
    • Research/Install Solar Panels
  • To Do/Chore Lists (examples)
    • Turn on the Engine once a week
    • Start Engine Log
    • Clean/Sweep/Hose Down Bird Poop
    • Dive/Bottom Clean Ourselves
  • Prep Lists
    • 20 minute readiness
      • We want to figure out how to get to the point where we can keep Petrichor ready to sail in 20 minutes at all times.

That's just what I can think of right now off the top of my head... more will come...

We Officially Own Petrichor!

Titled and registered with the US Coast Guard, SY Petrichor, hailing from St Petersburg, FL. The agency doing the titling is backed up by about 3 months, so even though we closed on Petrichor back before we left for India, it wasn't until we got back that all the paperwork finally completed. All in all, we submitted paperwork in Feb; we got the docs back last week in June.

We've Moved!

And last but not least, we've moved from our great little apartment on the east side of St Pete to the west side on Gulf Blvd. More details on that later (or if you don't want to wait, check it out on Asa's Instagram or Phong's instagram)

It turned out that EVERY marina was full for live-aboards. Everywhere had a waiting list tens if not hundreds deep. I guess lots of folks got the same idea we did. So while it was a bummer, I think it's the universe telling us to slow down. And it worked out. We now have this fantastically awesome apartment that Asa found for us at the 11th hour.

cant wait to move in

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That is all for now, more posts coming soon!