It's been awhile since our last posting... from back when we got back from a quick trip out to India. June 2016?? It really has been too long.

Work from Home!

So some quick news, I'm 100% work from home now! That means the time I had been spending sitting in traffic (2-3 hours a day) can now be spent working on more posts about what we're doing.

Getting ready to move aboard

Another bit of news: We've decided to make our current lease our last land lease. That means we'll have about 5 months to get Petrichor ready for us to move aboard.

And then from there... who knows! We've set a tentative plan to move down to the keys. Boot key in Marathon, FL is our first guess. So we'll take it from there!

Projects Project Projects

So our boat projects are starting to grow. But that's a good thing! So far, the things we've completed or in progress (and posts are up-coming about it) and some reasoning behind it:

  1. Harden Bimini Hardware
  • Petrichor's is pretty wobbly
  • Bill Morse hardened his Bimini hardware with a few extra braces and you can brace against it
  • I'll be adding a couple extra braces to harden it up
  1. Clean and Re-bed Winches
  • They haven't been serviced in years
  • These are pre-1982 "modern" Lewmar winches
  • They have to completely removed and rebedded after each cleaning
  • Replacing sealant adhesive with Butyl Tape
  1. Replace headerliner with Foam-backed Perferated Vinyl
  • The headliner has to be drilled out (teak bungs/plugs over all screws)
  • We want to replace it with the vinyl for both an updated look, better comfort (the foam adds a bit of insulation); annnd...
  • Safety! We want to be able to service all deck hardware without having to drill out and remove the (current) wood headliners
  1. Re-certify Electrical Wiring
  • I'm verifying things myself, but it'll be good to have a certified marine electrician also give it their thumbs up.
  1. Convert to all-LED lighting
  • More power miser-ing
  1. Remove Automotive Stereo
  • Don't really need it, and it sucks power
  • We have a portable one we've been using for ages that'll work better for us
  1. Make New Bimini and Dodger
  • Asa's a canvas making machine!
  1. Make New Winch Covers (Done!)
  • Asa made us some really nice monogrammed Winch Covers
  • They have a stretchy internal retainer and a vent
  • No worries about covers flying off in the wind!
  • Birds love to poop on it :(
  1. Add grab handles and fishing rod holders
  • There are none in the cabin, and I like the extra support that they allow.
  1. New 6V battery system
  • Out goes the 2X 4D AGM batteries
  • In will go 4X T-105 6V batteries
  • Dual banks
  • Replace proSport 12 charger with a larger 3 bank proSport 20 plus.
  • Gives each bank its own charging circuit
  • Add a 3rd backup (12V) bank with isolator
  1. Add dedicated starter battery solar charger
  • Ensures that the start battery will always be charged up
  1. Add dedicated windlass bank solar charger
  • Ensures that the windlass 12V battery is always charged up
  • Enables use of this battery as another back up
  1. Re-move and re-bed deck hatches
  • We have 3. 2 of them leak a little
  • We tried just re-sealing the lenses, but that wasn't enough
  • When there's a solid week w/o rain, we'll remove the hatches completely and then resealing it all.

The list goes on! Onward and forward!