2 Bedrooms

When we started this adventure, it was in Portland, Oregon. We were in a nice large 2 bedroom apartment. Ryo-ohki had free access to hop in and out of our windows to all our room via the roof. It was nice.


Then after Asa did a bit of research, we decided that somewhere in Florida would be the place where we would find out boat and be able to sail all year long.

We had more floor space than stuff at this moment, so the apartment was quite a bit too large. Even then, as we prepared for our RV Adventure, we had to donate, sell, or free-pile a motorcycle, a car, books, furniture, and a lot of other random things.

We kept a lot of things, but there were a couple of items that were hard to let go of.

1 Bedroom

After a month an a half RV'ing around the country, we arrived in Gainesville where we stayed for a couple months in a room at Asa's Aunt and Uncle's house.

Research from there lead us to St Petersburg, Florida.

2 Bedroom Apartment

We found ourselves a nice 2 bedroom apartment at Avesta Woodlawn Park. We found out that they were at a time military barracks. And looking at the chevron layouts, we got it.

It had a nice small backyard and great neighbors whom we still visit every now and again. Shoutout to @taraquin1 and @djsamman!

We stayed there for 2 years. While there, we did accumulate some more stuff. I made some furniture... but in preparation for our next move, we had to give away, donate, or sell the furniture I made, a firepit, a few clothes, some books, some other keepsakes... but so far, the decisions weren't that bad.

1 Bedroom Apartment

When our lease was up, Asa found an apartment at the last minute in St Pete Beach near the Don Cesar. It was at the Sand Cove Apartments.

Our neighbors were wonderful (except for our upstairs neighbor who liked to play loud music at random times of the morning, day, and night). The Apartment owner and manager were wonderful and I have a feeling we'll probably keep in contact in one way or another.

It had beautiful views of the water and was right across the street from the beach!

We stayed there for 1 year. During that time, we accumulated mostly boat parts and things we'd need to prepare Petrichor for her voyage.

Preparing for the next move, this is where the decisions finally got hard

Keepsakes we've had since we were kids, books that we've had since we were kids, high school graduation mugs, lots of clothes, all our furniture...

This time, we've had to sell, donate, or give away thigns which we've kept about us because they all have some significance to us. They mean something, and they all have a memory or two associated with them.

This was the first time it's been really hard to decide on what stays and what goes.

1 Bedroom and 1 Dock

After our lease was up, the person whom we bought #SVPetrichor from offered to rent us one of her bedrooms, giving us out the door access to Petrichor.

And now, the refurbishment really begins as we have a little less than 5 months to get her ready, tested, and out into the Gulf!

When we finally move to 0 Bedroom and 1 Boat... this will be the hardest reduction of all.

All furniture must go. Only a handfull of books. Keepsakes must either be let go or stored somewhere.

Will we be ready for that? I guess we'll see in about 5 months.