Our first cruise lead us to discover leaks in our hatches! Luckily, it turned out after closer inspection that it was the original silicon caulking between the hatch frame and plastic lens had that had finally rotted away enough to allow water to get through.

After some research, we found many different types of sealants.

The one most highly recommended, sikaflex 295-UV had been discontinued.

The next recommended was 3M 4200 UV, which is what we got - in white. We figured that against the black, it'll make spotting problems faster.

Removing the hatch tops...

Hammered out the roll pins... only need to push them out of the outside frame's holes... from there, you can work them out.

The lenses almost lifted right out... problem confirmed.

Cleaning out the old silicon and what looks like some rotted away tape took 2 days of scrubbing and careful scraping.

This 3M glue solvent worked awesome, and it didn't eat away at the plastic lens.

After cleaning, we put down the base layer, and squished the lenses on, trying to take note of removing all air gaps and paths that water can get into.

We let that set for about 20 minutes... so it was still pretty tacky and workable.

While waiting for it to tack up, we taped the frames in prep for the next step.

We filled in the gap with more caulking, then put as nice as we could of a finish with it.

We let that set for 2 more hours... then we pulled the tape off.

It was pouring rain and water had already made it past my tape job on the hatches.

When there was a break in the rain, we quickly made our way to Petrichor and when we got there, we found that the weather had made it past another hatch.

So Asa went about mopping up the water and I got the hatches started in.

It was much easier and quicker to tap the roll pins back in.

Asa finished up putting a few bolts back on... and there we have it... all sealed up.