This is just a quick story as we've been finishing up any last projects we can; moving everything onto Petrichor; selling what we can; and donating what we can't.

Last Minute Projects

Like with Nina's house - despite her expediency with fixing things that pop up and a constant trickle of improvements, projects always come up and there never seems to be any end to them.

With a boat, as we've discovered over the last year with Petrichor, the pop up projects, changes, and adjustments are also never ending.  I guess that I still have my rose tinted sailing glasses on because they're all still very exciting and interesting.

On our list of projects to complete BEFORE sailing out are:

  1. Fill Water Tank & Test Water Pressure
  2. Fill Fuel Tank & Characterize how it is when full
  3. Finish Reinforcements for Stern Rail
  4. Add Dowels for hangers in our two closets
  5. Adjust Instrument Pods
  6. Reinstall Engine Hoist
  7. Add 3-point Lift Harness to Dinghy
  8. Test and verify that Stern Rail and Davits can handle weight of gear
  9. Ensure Outboard for Dinghy Works (and works reliably)
  10. Relocate Anchors (Almost, need to find a good place for the stern anchors)
  11. Get more anchor chain and rode (We have enough for now)
  12. Add more hardening and rigidity for the Bimini (I want to see it while we sail before drilling more holes into the boat)
  13. Add Cabinet Locks to our Cabinets (Ryo-Ohki knows how to open them)
  14. Finish Sliding Doors in Head
  15. Finish Headliner in Head (We can do this while under way)
  16. Add Pin Rail to Settees
  17. Install and Test out Inverter (I want to see if our small portable will suffice before spending another thousand on a hardwired one)
  18. Add Cam Cleats for Reefing Points (We can do this while under way)
  19. Test out Galley Stove & Propane System
  20. Install Fishing Rod Rack
  21. Waterproof Mast Electronics Transfer Stations (Temp fix in place, will need to order an ignition proof IP67 box for this while under way)
  22. Add Line ties to the Starboard Lazarette
  23. Plumb Propane for Use with Grill (We can do this while under way)
  24. Line drawers, counter tops, etc with Anti-Slip Liner
  25. Add Tie-Downs for Batteries
  26. More and more....

Of course, we know that with a list this long and only a few days to complete them, we'll need to determine which ones we can do once we've left the dock; and which ones will keep us from leaving the dock.

Pop Up Projects

So we got a good amount of this done.  But in the course of ticking off items on the list, more things come up.

For example, #1 - Fill Water Tank & Test Water Pressure... So we opened up the inspection port in our 90 gallon water tank to take a peek.  It was pretty clean with some spots of mold, so we'll need to shock it a couple of times to clear it out.  Other than that, it filled up without any issues and we didn't notice any leaks.  The baffles were still where they're supposed to be too.

But, as we turned on the water pressure, water started leaking in head's plumbing for the sink and shower.  This immediately added a new high priority item to the list... as this is an item that we should do before we leave and it needs to be fixed now - not doing so will mean that the water system will be offline until it gets fixed.

The tricky part of this area is that the mast's electronics transfer stations are exactly where the sink's plumbing are.  This means that leaks and bouncing around can potentially short something out.  So we need a fix, and it needs to be quick.

Here's what it looks like before:

Leaky Stainless Braided Hose; Added Plexiglass for Spray and Short Protection

Notice that after the Whale Quick Connect fittings, there's stainless braided hose that then goes to the sink and shower fixtures.

To protect against water spray and accidental shorts, I added that sheet of plexiglass that I found while cleaning out the lazarette.

Tip: Everything on a boat is on there for a reason.  No sane sailor would take the expense and effort to bring aboard something if it didn't have a purpose.  Find that purpose.

Turning on the water pressure, the leaks were coming from the connections from the Whale 1/2" Male Adaptors (WU1214) to the Metal Female couplings.

Inspecting this area, the quick connects and their o-ring seals were in good shape.  The female fittings on the stainless braided hose, though, were not.  The rubber seals were all really mashed down and not doing the job - it was obvious that the fittings were continually tightened over time to probably fix leaks.

So it was off to the hardware store to get a replacement.  Whatever solution we come up with, it's got to address:

  1. Potential Shorting Issue
  2. Water Spray Onto Transfer Station Issue
  3. Leaky Head Plumbing Turns off Water for Entire Boat Issue

I got plastic hose and some valves so that we can turn off water to just the head sink without disabling the entire boat:

New Plastic Hose and Shutoff Valve

The plastic hose resolves the potential short problem.  The plexiglass resolves the water spray issue.  The shutoff valve resolves the one leak disables water to entire boat issue.

Now that we have the hardware, let's install it.  And that brings us to our next tip:

Tip: Remove all fittings and connect as much as you can first before installing the completely assembly to the water lines and fixtures.

I learned this the hard way before trying to screw everything on while doing boat yoga resulted in some stripped threads.  Uh oh.  I don't want to have to drive out to west marine just to pick up some new $6 quick connects.  And on top of that, they don't have the exact ones I needed in stock anyway.  Time for some modifications.

To fix this issue that I created, I cut off the stripped threads and then very carefully screwed the assembly together.  I got lucky because there was more than enough thread left over to do this.  The dremel and cutoff wheel made short work of the stripped threads.

Now everything installed nicely (sorry didn't get a pic of it), we turned the water pressure back on and almost everything worked out nicely!

No more leaks in the fittings and the shutoff valves worked as expected.

Tip: If you're already there, fix it now if possible.

Tip: Flag all issues with orange tape so that you don't forget.  Remove the tape when the issue has been resolved.

I also took this time to reseal the sink to the counter.  But, we did find that the shower hardware was also leaking, but it'll need a new fixture.  Thanks to the shutoff valves, we can leave that as is because this is a project we can do while under way.

That only took a couple of hours!

Some pictures of the completed projects:

Line Ties
Battery Tie Downs
Adjust Solar Panels for Engine Hoist
Test Out Davits and Dinghy Attachment Points
Fishing Rod Rack
Test and Verify Propane and Stove
Relocate Instrument Pods so we don't have to duck down to see them

With that being said, now the weather looks to be not ideal so we're going to wait it out... if not today then tomorrow or the next day.  Because, as we've heard time and again from BCYC members as well as in every book and blog we've read,

Tip: Wait for favorable weather.