Petrichor is a documented vessel.  This requires that you renew your registration every year at a blistering price of $26 a year.  It's a very easy process:

  1. Make a payment at
  2. Print out a receipt
  3. Fill out your renewal form, CG-1280
  4. Send it all in

Now it gets even easier... you can renew for up to 5 years now!  And after 2020, renewals will be for the longer period.  Makes sense.  If only the DMV were so efficient:

Multi-Year Certificate of Documentation: RECREATIONAL Only
U.S. Coast Guard sent this bulletin at 01/18/2019 09:10 AM EST
Recreational  vessel owners who wish to renew for more than one year may do so by  including additional fees in the amount of $26.00 per extra year  requested, and annotating same on the CG-7042 Credit Card Form, or in  the Memo line of checks.

The process is pretty simple, but for this first year, it's not too obvious.  You can still make an online payment, but it's still only set up for a single year.

In order to do 5 years, you'll need to fill out a credit card authorization form, CG-7042, and make a note that you'd like the multi-year renewal.  Then put in $26 x the number of years.  Stuff it all into an envelop, mail it off, and you should be good to go!

All the USCG forms you'll need are here:

In any case... sending in my 5 year renewal now and it should keep us covered for the next leg of our adventures.