We're coming across a lot of blogs and websites that are both informative and entertaining. Reading as much as possible will be one of the most important things we do as we prepare to sail.

Feel free to send us a note in the comments or the contact page with recommendations! We'll list them as we come across them in no particular order...

Project Manaia


Raising Awareness for the Oceans

S/V Delos

It’s simple really- we just want to make you SMILE! We do this because we LOVE it. Given our short time on this AMAZING PLANET there’s absolutely, positively, nothing more we’d rather be doing with our time!

Wunderlust Sailor

I think for me ‘to sail’ ultimately means to be free.

Follow the Boat

"Escape with us on a journey across the oceans"

What these guys have put together is awesome... highly recommended read and follow!

Sailing with Terrapin

"A family of four on a sailing sabbatical."

Found this family sailing on a 45 foot ketch on instragram. Amazing and inspiring!


"We’re a team. A unit. An atomic particle on a collision course with this world and all of its adventures. We hope to reap the fruits of this most amazing planet and this wild and wonderful life. This blog is our chronicle. It is our story. It is Sundowner’s story. And if you chose to follow along with us, write with us, or maybe even one day visit with us, it can be part of your story too."

Webb Chiles

Webb Chiles

"While swimming for twenty-six hours after I sank RESURGAM, I speculated about what would be the very last piece of music I would want to hear before I died."

The Boat Galley

"...helping you get the most out of your boat kitchen, with in-depth articles featuring practical galley tips, insights and equipment recommendations"

Hold Fast

"One winter, three friends and I resolved to meet in south Florida, find a derelict sailboat, fix it up, and sail off into the Caribbean."

*[Hold Fast by Moxie Marlinspike](https://vimeo.com/15351476)*

Sail Around the World

"The truth is that the overwhelming majority of cruisers, who intend on circumnavigating, select one of the tried and true routes."

Mono vs Mutli Hauls

"An avowed monohull sailor debunks the myths that still cast shadows over the modern monohull."


"Nothing "odd" about it - embarking on my next adventure to make my home on the sea! "

Sailing Single Handed Around the Atlantic

"Starting from the german island of Fehmarn i am heading westwards to the caribbean. My boat is a small Bavaria 32 Holiday and my sailing career is just 5 years old. Join me on my big adventure."

How to Sail Across the Atlantic (or the World) in 25 Easy Lessons


Library Catalog Page

"Storm-tossed seas, speedboat pirates, sleeping whales, exploding toilets—crossing the Atlantic has its risks. But if a novice skipper can make the trip safely, so can you." - Paul Bennett

15 Tips for Atlantic Crossing

Source: http://www.yachtingworld.com/blogs/elaine-bunting/top-10-tips-for-an-atlantic-crossing-20375

"Our ultimate guide on things to consider if you're planning to sail across the Atlantic"

Battery Information - Charging, Discharging, 12V, 6V, Wiring

Great information about 6V and 12V batteries... also has videos of real world simulations of drain-charge-drain times for 6V's